Pantry Sneak Peek!

Pinch me! I have a pantry!

I have a pantry!

Our home renovation project is cruising right along! Last Friday, two installers spent the entire day at my house installing the shelving in my pantry, a storage closet, and two bedroom closets. The storage closet and bedroom closets were pretty basic – I need room to hang stuff and some shelves. Please and thank you. The pantry was a whole different story.

Pantry shelves
Curved corner shelves are key …

When I first met with a closet company to design the pantry space, it included nothing but shelves. A small room full of shelves. Blah. What’s the fun of that? I spent a few hours (ahem, nights!) on Pinterest and Houzz (Have you checked out Houzz? It’s like Pinterest but just for houses and renovation projects!), desperately looking for pantry ideas. I made a list of my pantry essentials and looked into other pantry shelving options.

Baskets for onions and potatoes
Baskets for onions and potatoes

There are a few closet installing companies here in Charlotte. My husband had a Saturday free from work so we decided to check them out. Guess what? They are all closed on the weekends. Hmmm… My first thought on that is only people who can afford to not work during the week can afford those closet systems. California Closets, for example. I guess that inadvertently helped us narrow down our choices significantly.

Soft-close drawers... Wheeeee!
Soft-close drawers… Wheeeee!

We settled on only comparing Elfa shelving from the Container Store and Closetmaid installed by a local closet company. For Elfa, I brought our measurements to the Container Store, told the designer what I was trying to accomplish, and she agreed to work on it and send me a couple of ideas. We have used Elfa for two other closets and absolutely loved the design process and how they turned out but the space of our pantry isn’t as straightforward. For the Closetmaid system, a local closet installer came to our house, took measurements, and drew up a plan.

Vertical shelving
Vertical shelving

In the end, the look of Closetmaid was more of what we were looking for in our new pantry space. For my husband, the deal breaker was learning that Elfa shelving doesn’t “turn the corner.” He really wanted curved shelving in the corners and I have to agree with him that the smooth, curved edges of the Closetmaid shelving look gorgeous!

After much “research,” my specific requests included the following …
* Baskets for potatoes and onions.
* My husband wanted at least a few drawers – we went with two small and two large drawers.
* A floor to ceiling space dedicated to cookbooks. I love looking up specific recipes on my iPad but I am still a cookbook girl and love perusing through cookbooks new and old.
* Vertical shelving to help sort my cookie pans, racks, and cutting boards.
* Racks for wine bottles and hangers for wine glasses.
* I contemplated putting in a pants rack for hanging table linens but, in the end, I dropped that from the plan to give myself more shelf space.

Now all I need to do is get it organized and get my kitchen gear out of boxes and put away! I’m on the hunt for ways to get all this space functional… throw me your best ideas and gear for pantry organization!

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8 thoughts on “Pantry Sneak Peek!”

    1. Erin Brighton

      Thanks, Marye! Thank goodness for inspiration on the internet. I am so happy to have so much functional space now!

    1. Erin Brighton

      Thanks, Brandy! This has been my favorite part of the renovation. I still can’t believe I actually have a pantry! Such a treat.

  1. I am in a new house with a nice pantry with wire shelving. It now sucks and it is all your fault! Seriously the builder would have customized it but I didn’t want their expense so I’m looking to do something myself now; thanks for the recommendation as I’ve used Elfa a lot and might have gone that direction too.

    1. Erin Brighton

      Barb, After the initial set of plans, I spent many sleepless nights fretting over this pantry. After this renovation, I need to be done with making any decisions for a long time. 😉 Closetmaid through a local closet company was also less expensive than the Elfa design … so keep that in mind, too! Can’t hurt to compare. Good luck with your pantry project!

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